For undergraduates who are considering study in the Reaction Dynamics Laboratory (e.g. IGPAS applicants)

We have five research groups of physical chemistry in the chemistry department of Tohoku University; Quantum Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Molecular Science, and Reaction Dynamics. Here I introduce our Reaction Dynamics Lab for students who consider entering the graduate course in our department. In the field of physical chemistry, we are studying chemical reaction dynamics experimentally, in which mechanisms of elementary processes of chemical reactions are unveiled in the microscopic level on the basis of quantum chemistry. In particular one of our interests is focused on the small aggregates of atoms and molecules called “clusters”. We use molecular beams in vacuum, time-of-flight mass spectrometer, excited atomic beam produced by discharge, ion drift tube, pulsed tunable lasers for spectroscopy, and so on. For details, take a look at the page of Research.